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  • Albany firefighters land contract with raises through 2022 September 18, 2018
    ALBANY - The Albany Firefighters union is the first of 12 unions in the capital city to secure a contract through 2022. The Albany Common Council approved transferring $131,444 from the fire department's hospital and medical insurance retiree budget line to fund a 1 percent retroactive increase for the 250-member union from Aug. 14 through […]
    By Amanda Fries

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  • 10 Most Productive Countries And What You Can Learn From Them September 18, 2018
    The satisfaction and benefit experienced when you’re productive gives you confidence and induces a desire to achieve more. Productivity has several definitions; we shall define in relation to economies: Productivity measures output per unit of input, considering factors such as capital, labor, land or any other resource in the production process. It calculates Gross Domestic […]
    Sylvia Muikia